Love Live cosplay for next month: Nozomi Tojo



So, the original plan was to cosplay Teruhashi from The Disastrous Life of Saiku-kun + Emilia from Re:Zero but something happened. I was supposed to order Emilia’s wig and costume but the agent took days to reply and I am in a hurry as well so I have decided to cosplay Love Live instead since my fellow cosplayers in a Facebook Group will be cosplaying Love Live and Nozomi wasn’t taken yet >____<

Just an update, I have already ordered her wig =u= and the costume too.

I was supposed to go to a fabric store today to buy fabric for Teruhashi’s cosplay but eh…something happened. My boyfriend woke up late so I can’t go there anymore =w= Tomorrow I will go. And hopefully we can buy the materials I need for crafting props such as Katarina’s daggers XDD Know her? From League of Legends.

I think that’s all for today :3

I will post an update regarding my fabric shopping.



Played for a while~

Voez is a rhythym game that is kinda tricky. You tap the diamonds, but some would require you to slide them to right or left. Also, the colored bars change color and position so you get distracted, while some of the diamonds would chnage position too!

Another interesting part here is that for every achievement, you unlock a picture in the gallery that would show you a story of the characters here in Voez. Voez is actually the name of their band. So it feels like a novel game haha.