I will be graduating from college soon but there’s some problem :v

I’m done with thesis. I’m done with OJT.


I have some requirements that I cannot get yet! =__=”

My certificate of completion for my internship (OJT) is still on hold because the highest manager would not want to give it out yet =3= He said we should finish the inventory system first. He already signed it but EHHHHHH. I hope he give it to us soon or else, my graduation will be affected. *whispers* I am not yet finished with my required hours but my supervisor is fine with it since the reason for my absences is my thesis and he’s satisfied with our works.

Another thing, there’s this “request for evaluation of record” thingy that I found out just a few days ago. The registrar said I should have done that one semester earlier =3= What could I do? I’m so hikikomori that the news didn’t reach me.


I dunno what to do so I’ll just rest.

The problem will fix itself.

I am still busy with my school documents. *sighs*