2016 Cosplay

I know it’s late but meh, I was busy planning for my incoming online shop.

Anyway, I promised that I will cosplay Nozomi so here are my pics~~

I am thankful for this shot from Ninja Media PH (I am too lazy to study how to customize the html here in wordpress, got a problem a while ago)

We got the wrong wig >__< Instead of Nozomi's wig, we got Umi's



This one, I had it shot through phone:


(THe convention was inside a mall so it’s crowded)

Next. some selfies:

Check out my facebook page Empress Fumiko for more 🙂 I had pictures with other Love Live cosplayers and other non-Love Live characters too ^_^

Sorry I had to make this short cuz I’m busy >__<


Love Live cosplay for next month: Nozomi Tojo



So, the original plan was to cosplay Teruhashi from The Disastrous Life of Saiku-kun + Emilia from Re:Zero but something happened. I was supposed to order Emilia’s wig and costume but the agent took days to reply and I am in a hurry as well so I have decided to cosplay Love Live instead since my fellow cosplayers in a Facebook Group will be cosplaying Love Live and Nozomi wasn’t taken yet >____<

Just an update, I have already ordered her wig =u= and the costume too.

I was supposed to go to a fabric store today to buy fabric for Teruhashi’s cosplay but eh…something happened. My boyfriend woke up late so I can’t go there anymore =w= Tomorrow I will go. And hopefully we can buy the materials I need for crafting props such as Katarina’s daggers XDD Know her? From League of Legends.

I think that’s all for today :3

I will post an update regarding my fabric shopping.

Will cosplay The Disastrous Life of Saiki-kun for sure XD

I know I planned some cosplay a few months ago, I wasn’t able to do them due to lack of funds. But now, I got a temporary job so I’ll be able to do some cosplay.

I watched the anime entitled “The disastrous life of Saiki-kun” and found it to be fun because the characters remind me of myself and my koibito haha.

I asked my boyfriend to cosplay Saiki, the main protagonist. He is that pink haired dude. Saiki is born with Psychic powers and end up using it for people around him.

As for me, I decided to cosplay Teruhashi, a beautiful girl that gleams at all times. She can make any guy feel an admiration for her, except for Saiki whom she doesn’t know, can read her mind. She’s acting all goody to attain that beautiful and kind girl image she wants. Ever since Saiki ignored her, Saiki has been her love interest. (I can relate as to how ahe fell for Saiki xD That’s how I fell for my boyiend haha)

The characters look ordinary at first look but if you watch the anime, you will see the unique storyline and other cool stuffs 🙂 I have no time to make a review xD

I do have a wig on stock that might fit Teruhasi:

Pardon my face XD I just got out of a night shift work. No makeup too.

Or I could just buy a color spray for my real hair…

I’ll need to cut my bangs shorter. I am not willing to cut my hair because I’ve been keeping it short for many years now so I missed having long hair =w=

As for the clothes, I’ll try to sew them by myself.

That’s all for now. I gotta sleep.

Help me choose a Grimgar cosplay!

Because I can’t decide which one, please give me your suggestions XD


We’re gonna cosplay KONOSUBA!!!


I  am not yet done with watching Konosuba because I was busy with my thesis and internship (and guys! I passed the thesis defense! :D), BUT, I found people who would like to cosplay K-O-N-O-S-U-B-A :3

I was checking my groups in Facebook when I found a man looking for people to cosplay with him on Cosmania (this coming October). He was alone. For a few days, I ignored his post but later on, I realized that I want to try to cosplay with a group again and perhaps, it’s time to meet new people (since my companions years ago are gone now, meaning, I was left behind because I didn’t mingle much due to school).

We were able to complete the squad! We have Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness~



and of course, I chose to be Megumin. Ufufufufu~

So there, I plan to post here in my blog my adventure towards completing my cosplay 🙂

From buying the materials for the clothes to sewing the costume and crafting the weapon.

I hope you guys watch out for it.

Imma also post some vids in our Youtube channel =u=

So please follow us XD

Our YouTube Channel

WHAT? Porn cosplay? EHhhhhh…

Girls cosplaying…too revealing clothes…suggestive poses…topless…bottomless…oppai showing…down there showing…completely naked.


I just can’t take it.

I didn’t know that there is such a thing: porn cosplay.

I’ve been cosplaying for years now and I thought that some people just cosplay revealing clothes, which is now fine with me since the character they are portraying really does wear that revealing costume. But no.

There are those who do “porn cosplay”.

=___= Why?

I wonder what could be the reason behind this porn cosplaying.

To gain fans? Specially the male population?

For money? Do they get paid for this?

I really don’t know.

I do understand why people would want to see porn cosplay, cuz men are men :v Otaku men needs otaku porn, well, some of them.

But eh. Those girls could have done something else.

Although I am not used to seeing girls in swimsuit, I am starting to accept it.

But nude? No. Just no. :v

Porn cosplayers could have just saved their body and looked for other source of income (if their need for money have driven them into doing porn cosplay). I mean, it’s such a waste! Showing yourself naked…everyone will see your body…and it is fucking EVERYONE! :/

Maybe I’m just old fashioned. But isn’t it just right to keep your precious body? Reserve it for that one man you would marry.

Besides, if it were me, I wouldn’t do porn cosplay. I don’t want perverts watching or flocking on me.

It would feel like I gave up on my self-respect and dignity.

I can accept those with artistic feel, like, a girl character sitting on the bed, with only the blanket covering her body, a happy or sad expression on her face, etc.

Not the girl with her legs widely spread :v

Oh well, everyone has his own view.