Will cosplay The Disastrous Life of Saiki-kun for sure XD

I know I planned some cosplay a few months ago, I wasn’t able to do them due to lack of funds. But now, I got a temporary job so I’ll be able to do some cosplay.

I watched the anime entitled “The disastrous life of Saiki-kun” and found it to be fun because the characters remind me of myself and my koibito haha.

I asked my boyfriend to cosplay Saiki, the main protagonist. He is that pink haired dude. Saiki is born with Psychic powers and end up using it for people around him.

As for me, I decided to cosplay Teruhashi, a beautiful girl that gleams at all times. She can make any guy feel an admiration for her, except for Saiki whom she doesn’t know, can read her mind. She’s acting all goody to attain that beautiful and kind girl image she wants. Ever since Saiki ignored her, Saiki has been her love interest. (I can relate as to how ahe fell for Saiki xD That’s how I fell for my boyiend haha)

The characters look ordinary at first look but if you watch the anime, you will see the unique storyline and other cool stuffs 🙂 I have no time to make a review xD

I do have a wig on stock that might fit Teruhasi:

Pardon my face XD I just got out of a night shift work. No makeup too.

Or I could just buy a color spray for my real hair…

I’ll need to cut my bangs shorter. I am not willing to cut my hair because I’ve been keeping it short for many years now so I missed having long hair =w=

As for the clothes, I’ll try to sew them by myself.

That’s all for now. I gotta sleep.


My lined up cosplay projects this year~





(I can’t choose between Yume and Shihoru >____< Please help me XD)

My friend will be cosplaying Darkness (Konosuba) so I’ll be helping her out too. And my koibito is gonna be Haru =u= I will help him out too.


SO, I’ll be updating here about my progress in these projects starting on Saturday :3


I am not a kabane, but I am not a human too. I am a KABANERI!

So, today, I am watching this anime:

Title: Kabaneri of the iron fortress

It is a story about humans fighting monsters which they call “Kabaneri”.

What is a Kabane?

I don’t know dude, I’m still watching. Besides, that would be a spoiler isn’t it? What I am certain of is that Kabanes are formerly humans. If you get bit, you become one of them. Their hearts are shielded, it shines like a gold. Although Kabanes regen in a short amount of time making them invulnerable, they can still be killed. One of the many ways to do that is to shoot a steam gun on their heart. If the steam has enough pressure, it can pierce through their heart. Or you can make a weapon out of a kabane’s blood. And if you are a kabaneri, you can fight ’em off.

What is a Kabaneri?

Half human, half Kabane.

How is that possible?

Watch the anime dude.

In this anime, people live in stations. Transportation is through trains. Railroad is guarded since Kabanes might get in. If one station is attacked, they transfer to another station. People usually live a normal life until Kabanes attack them.

Kinda like Shingeki no Kyoujin right? But this one has some difference of course.

I’m in episode 9 now.

As of now, the main points of this anime are:

  1. You cannot survive just by hiding. You gotta fight.
  2. The strong survives, the weak dies.
  3. Humans are bullshit, they lose their humanity because of fear.
  4. Most humans are ungrateful.
  5. Don’t move without thinking first. One mistake can kill everyone.
  6. Some humans do not care about the current situation as long as they satisfy their own motives.
  7. You need to be strong. Don’t depend on someone else.
  8. A lot of people will betray you.
  9. Loyal servants are the best XD
  10. Thirst for revenge can eat your soul.
  11. Sometimes, the enemy is not your real enemy.

That’s all for now.