Today, I am reviewing Bootstrap because I want to make my own website for my small business. I used Bootstrap for my website projects back in the second year of my college, my prof taught us how and now I don’t remember.

I lost my programming files so I have to start over. And I start with reviewing the necessary tools for development.

What is Bootstrap?

In my own words, it makes life easier. I mean, I don’t need to code from scratch. If I am to start from zero, then I have to code the css by myself, code the javascripts, etc. etc.

I am not a hardcore coder. Heck, I just wanted to take programming classes so that I will be able to make my own website haha. And now it’s kinda annoying that I cannot find the time to code =3= Got lots of stuffs to do at school and work.

Bootstrap is like a template you see here in WordPress but the difference is you will do the UI (user interface) by yourself. I mean, yeah Bootstrap has a css for forms and buttons but you’ve got to make them appear of course. Unlike just getting a template online then edit it like in WordPress.

I was checking some templates for a small business online but I didn’t find what I like. I admit that getting a template would be a lot easier, and they are more professional-looking, but I don’t really need all those glamorous features and other stuffs. I don’t think they will fit with the process or design I have in mind. Besides, too many stuffs on the screen might overwhelm the user or distract them away from the products I want to sell. Other templates are nice because the focus goes to your products but the problem is, my products demand some different style of being shown. (It’s just my personal taste, lol.)

Besides, I must learn again how to create a website so that when I look for a job, I will be confident.

But like I said from my first post, I don’t want to be an employee. I wanna do freelance. And this project (my online shop) could be the first stepping stone to that.

Plus, I’m getting left behind. Technology changes rapidly. Now there are a lot of ways of programming that I was unaware of. I need to catch up.

I would like to make time for studying developing stuffs again.