Taboo “love” stuffs in workplace and reasons why it happens

I hate office romance.

Even if you say that it’s nothing serious, fuck dude, I hate it. This article would probably hit a lot of people as if I am casting an AOE spell but it’s a hybrid AOE ‘cuz it hits everything in map lol. And by “everything in map”, I mean the whole world.

This could be just me being pessimistic in everything, but hey, take time in conversing with me through this article, okay? I guarantee you it’s not just a trash rant of some girl in her twenties. It’s something important. If it does end up looking like a rant, just comment your fuck down and let’s see if I’ll give a damn.

Moving on,

when I got myself into employment, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.

Maybe it’s just in “that” industry, but I assume it also exists in other industries. Well, the story is, I was 18 years old when I entered the call center industry. I was surprised at how most people can communicate openly those “green” stuffs. They joke about it as if it was something normal as drinking water. No one bats an eye. There were only very few people not joining the uncomfortable conversation.

One time, I became the subject of their joke because I told them I didn’t want to hear those stuffs. Yeah they were just kidding but being a serious person I am, I had to draw a line. My voice echoed in the room and everyone fell silent for a short period. I made it clear that I won’t allow them to include me in such stuffs.

I don’t hate my co-workers. They are actually good persons. I just hated what they were doing in the office.

I thought that open communication of green stuffs was the only taboo thing that I’ll encounter in the workplace. I had other jobs too. And the people I met are the same in a way that their pervness was open, at least to our team or department. I had to do my best to ignore that and to not hurt anyone by being blunt.

But you know what? I was wrong.

There is something else that made me cringe more than the open pervness of people in the office:


Yep. Taboo relationships. Taboo love interests. Unacceptable shits that happen in the workplace that would probably make any one’s partner outside the workplace go Yandere mode :v

Maybe I’m just overreacting, or I just think too much, but am I wrong in thinking that everyone should behave? Or rather, be disciplined? Or, consider some moral shits :v

We had a situation wherein one of our girl co-worker was being courted by our male co-worker. Both of them have their own husband and wife outside, and both have their own kid. I don’t know the whole story dude, I figured I don’t give a fuck what they do to their own lives.

One female co-worker opened up to me and said she tried putting some sense into her friend, reminding that she has a family outside, but it seems she won’t budge. She was stressed in worry. I advised her to let go of the two morons building taboo relationship in our workplace because if they want to get their selves into trouble, then be it. Let them play fire and get burnt.

I also told her that the two morons just ended up liking each other now because they see each other a lot and they talk a lot in our workplace. Ever heard of Propinquity effect and Mere exposure effect? I’ll discuss it later, I’m gonna show some proofs you know. (Told ya, this isn’t just a waste-of-time-rant, ‘cuz you’re gonna learn something from it).

Another annoying situation in the workplace is when people already know that a certain someone is already in a relationship with a person outside the workplace but his/her colleagues still push teasing another one of their colleagues to him/her.


Just how far can people go with stupidity?

You already know that the person has someone else yet you still push one of your colleagues to him/her. Wow. I see and hear this often and I am really irritated.

It seems to me that those people are encouraging an affair in the workplace, an affair that should not exist.

If not affair, then what?

Tell me what is the goal of this stupid shit you are doing.

People may say that they are just having fun and nothing’s wrong with it and other shits to cover their ass.

But here’s what I see:

Let’s make a scenario. Maria works in X company. She is in a very good relationship with her boyfriend Ken. Ken is not working in X company. Maria has colleagues and one of them is George. Maria’s colleagues are somehow aware of George’s liking to Maria. So, they always tease Maria to George and vice versa.

Teasing George to Maria amplifies his infatuation to her. And if this always happen, Maria can be affected too. She might feel a false interest towards George. And the moron colleagues have brewed a taboo “love”.

Why did George take a liking to Maria?

Well dude, it’s because of Propinquity Effect.


What is Propinquity Effect?








So yeah, the more physically close a person is to you, the more you like that person. George is in the same space as Maria. And that space is the office of X Company.

Another effect associated with Propinquity is the “Mere exposure effect”.


The more that we see something, the more that we like it. The more we see or be with someone, the more we like them. For example, you heard a song on the radio. You don’t like that song. But since it is constantly played on the radio, you start to like it. Repetition dude.



See? Even if in the first place, you don’t like something, if you are exposed to that, your fool brain tends to like it.

Same to having romantic interest to people in your vicinity :v

Instead of George fighting the propinquity and mere exposure effect, and the same for Maria, they fall into a fake love. Let’s also blame their colleagues of course, for the repetition of their bullshit (that goes into mere exposure effect).

Humans spend the whole day working somewhere. We only meet our family and friends outside during night. What little time we have there. There is weekend but 2 days? 5-6 days work is still higher.

Aside from fighting this propinquity and mere exposure shits, the colleagues should stop reinforcing the taboo love interest or relationship.

And that is why I hate office romance. Nowadays office romance is acceptable by majority and some love stories rooted from office romance have succeeded. But still, I don’t like it.

It’s like an evolved form of falling “in love” with your classmate.


Why the fuck did I write this article?

  1. This has been bothering me.
  2. My boyfriend is being teased to some female colleagues by their colleagues lol


If you know that someone is already owned by someone, BACK OFF.


Kindly check out this video  by khanacademymedicine ,it explains propinquity and mere exposure effect very well.



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