Sensei in training~

3-4 weeks ago, I got an email inviting me for a job fair in Mall Of Asia. The event was set for February 14, 2017. I had a flu that day so I went out wearing jeans + shirt + hoodie.

I wanted to apply for IT related works but shit on us ‘cuz companies want experienced employees. Like hell noobs like us can get XP when no one would hire us. I went for a booth looking for online English teachers. The people who line up were kinda interviewed by their staff. The staff is composed of 99.9% girls so I was given the impression that it is an all-girls company, and that would be great. The interviewer said the salary is low but I said it’s fine. I can’t afford to be choosy, knowing I have nowhere else to go.

I didn’t expect to get a call from them because when they talked to me, I was dressed like a slob. I bet I looked terrible too because I had to sneeze every now and then and wipe my mucus. I even had fever during that time so I was like a walking bomb.

I’ve been in training for 3 weeks now. And the company is indeed an all-girls employee except for 1 male company owner and 1 male head teacher and yeah I forgot about the 1 male IT and 2 males who take care of utilities.

I won’t write long about this topic because I wanna write something else. bye


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