December cosplay update: fabric shopping


As promised, here is an update for my cosplay fabric shopping~

The place where I bought my fabrics is sooo far from my home so it took me 3 hours or so to reach it.

I went out during the morning with my koibito and got to the place by lunchtime so my first priority was to eat XD

There were a lot of people! It’s already December so people must have acquired their bonuses from their jobs so they definitely have money to spend.

If there is something that I have inherited from the characters in One Piece, that would be being klutz with directions like Luffy and Zoro do.

My mind was occupied with the goal of finding the stuffs I need so I totally forgot to take pictures of some interesting stuffs there. Also, the place was loaded with people that you can even barely walk.

It’s loaded with people that you can even barely walk.

By the way, I live in Philippines. For Filipino cosplayers who would like to know where the heck is this place that I am talking about….well….guess what, I won’t tell you 😛 You can just buy a costume from me instead XD

So here are the pictures of some stuffs I bought:

For our Saiki-kun and Teruhashi-san cosplay:


For K-On school uniform:


For my Anita Neru cosplay:


I am also glad that I was finally able to buy needles for my sewing machine. It has been months since I accidentally bent my needle.

After I got the stuffs I need, I stopped by my koibito’s house and played Love Live! XDDD

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got home late in the evening lol.

I was tired yesterday so I posted just now. =w=

I got stuffs to do. Ja~


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