Life is more than just getting a diploma

When I was a kid, all I wanted was to finish my studies. I thought finishing college would make my life great. You know, my father is only an elementary graduate and my mother has finished a 2yr Criminology. My parents said “Finish college so you can get a good job” and “You can get off from poverty if you finish your studies”.

I did. I finished my studies. My family’s income is too low to support me for college. I made a way. I studied well during elementary and high school. I always get good grades, always straight As. So for college, I acquired an academic scholarship in a school for rich kids. I got a 100% tuition and fees scholarship + monthly allowance. Of course, in order to maintain those privileges, I gotta maintain my grades. I was able to maintain it for 3 years.

Fourth year, I lost my scholarship. How will my family be able to pay my expensive tuition fee when my father’s salary is barely enough to sustain our family? I worked for a few months. Then, I went back to school. My parents had to loan from some people to help me pay my tuition fee.

And now I’m graduating. I will get a diploma.

But you know, I’m not really happy. This diploma, it’s just a piece of paper declaring I have finished college. Then what? Submit it to those companies that require their employees to be a college graduate.

Hahh. I was able to get a job even without this diploma. I worked as a Technical support with a monthly salary of 18,000 PHP. In the BPO industry, especially call centers, they don’t need you to be college graduates, folks. And they can give higher salary than those usual jobs in the office where you get paid for only 12,000 PHP for entry-level.

You may also do your own business. You just need a capital. To get a capital, you gotta be an employee first. Once you’ve earned enough money, you can leave and do your own business.

Our school said, and a lot of people said, once we graduate from our degree, we can acquire a job that would pay us for as much as 30,000 PHP for entry level. But I now know a lot of our world’s shits to be believing that. Hello? There are a lot of people in this world so not everyone can get that 30,000 PHP salary. In a company that has a job opening, there would be a lot of applicants. Just because you have a diploma doesn’t mean you’ll get accepted right away with high salary offer. Dude, there are exams first. Once you pass them, you should worry next for the initial interview. Then the final interview. And I tell you this, someone so intelligent can be rejected during the interview. Because fuck everything, companies are looking for this “people skills” and they will also assess you during the interview,  of course.

There’s a lot to worry. I have many more to say about my experience but I think that’s not important for this entry.

So yeah, you gotta pass the exams first, then the interviews. Plus, luck is also a factor here. It also usual for applicants with personal relationship or “ties” with someone important inside the company to get accepted right away or easily.

The lesson is, don’t get your hopes high.


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