1 goal achieved: College

“Life is not easy” is what I always learn and College life was no exception.

My family has no capability to send me to college. My parents can’t afford it. If we can’t pay for my tuition and fees, then we definitely have to pave a way for it. I must send myself to college.

Through God’s blessings, I acquired a full scholarship from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB). My parents don’t need to pay anything. I even had a monthly allowance which was very helpful to my family.

I am very thankful to Him, to my college, and to all the people He used to give me this blessing. As what Matthew 7:7 says: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”. I had nothing, but I trusted Him, and so He gave it to me. The Lord truly is amazing.

But of course, my journey did not stop there.

I had to study and monitor myself so that I can maintain my grades to maintain my scholarship. The sea is not always calm for there would be storms from time to time that will brew big waves. I experienced some failures in quizzess and exams, especially in math subjects. But somehow, I passed through all those hardships because God would always send me people who will guide and encourage me.

In this stage of my life, I learned many things about life itself.

I cannot always win. Failure is a natural part of our life. Just like what Albert Einstein said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Life is more than just getting good grades. Ever since Grade 3, I thought my grades were everything. I was wrong. Life must not be limited in the four walls of a classroom or on the numbers that your report card reveals. It is about exploring the world and making the most out of your life not only by yourself but with the people that you treasure.

Fourth year, I lost my scholarship. I was stressed because I don’t how I can pay for my tuition fee. Again, I just left everything to God’s hands. And He sent me a solution. He brought me close to the people who can help me and I was able to survive those months of wandering. I got a job and I tried to save some money while supporting my family. After a few months, I returned to college with the help of my parents. 2 last semesters were left for me when I returned, why would I give up? HAH! I won over the challenge.

The last challenge for my college life was the thesis. I was blessed to have groupmates who are cooperative and understanding.

On the times where I almost lost hope, I am always reminded that the Lord will always be there for me. As what Philippians 4:13 said: “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength”

Now, I will be graduating from College. It is a success made possible not only by myself but with the help of everyone who were there to support me. I would like to thank all my friends who where there to lift me up everytime I was down and who taught me to explore life; to my professors who have encouraged me to fight the battles of life and shared with me their positive outlook in life; to my teachers back in elementary and highschool who have contributed in molding me as to who I am today; to my Alma Mater: De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde who gave me the opportunity to study; to Student Grants Office of Benilde who helps its scholars, especially to their one employee who still processed my late scholarship application even though he was already about to go home; to my Pastor who has guided me during the time of storm in my life; to my counselor in Benilde; to all the people I’ve met who shared to me some wisdom and good deeds; to my boyfriend who was always there to wipe my tears and support me; to my parents who loved me so much that they have sacrificed a lot for my future; and most of all, to my Lord who has blessed me with these wonderful people and continues to guide me and strengthen me; thank you very much everyone.

I wouldn’t be able to succeed if not for the help of everyone.

And to all those people who are losing hope in life, just remember that life is not always gonna be easy. It is packed with challenges. It is alright to commit mistakes, what’s important is that after a failure, you stand up and continue the fight. Failures are success in disguise.

And most of all, remember this verse in the bible, Matthew 21:22 “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”. The Lord will give you all the strength you need to overcome the challenges of life. What you do not have, He will give it to you. Just trust Him.


Life is more than just getting a diploma

When I was a kid, all I wanted was to finish my studies. I thought finishing college would make my life great. You know, my father is only an elementary graduate and my mother has finished a 2yr Criminology. My parents said “Finish college so you can get a good job” and “You can get off from poverty if you finish your studies”.

I did. I finished my studies. My family’s income is too low to support me for college. I made a way. I studied well during elementary and high school. I always get good grades, always straight As. So for college, I acquired an academic scholarship in a school for rich kids. I got a 100% tuition and fees scholarship + monthly allowance. Of course, in order to maintain those privileges, I gotta maintain my grades. I was able to maintain it for 3 years.

Fourth year, I lost my scholarship. How will my family be able to pay my expensive tuition fee when my father’s salary is barely enough to sustain our family? I worked for a few months. Then, I went back to school. My parents had to loan from some people to help me pay my tuition fee.

And now I’m graduating. I will get a diploma.

But you know, I’m not really happy. This diploma, it’s just a piece of paper declaring I have finished college. Then what? Submit it to those companies that require their employees to be a college graduate.

Hahh. I was able to get a job even without this diploma. I worked as a Technical support with a monthly salary of 18,000 PHP. In the BPO industry, especially call centers, they don’t need you to be college graduates, folks. And they can give higher salary than those usual jobs in the office where you get paid for only 12,000 PHP for entry-level.

You may also do your own business. You just need a capital. To get a capital, you gotta be an employee first. Once you’ve earned enough money, you can leave and do your own business.

Our school said, and a lot of people said, once we graduate from our degree, we can acquire a job that would pay us for as much as 30,000 PHP for entry level. But I now know a lot of our world’s shits to be believing that. Hello? There are a lot of people in this world so not everyone can get that 30,000 PHP salary. In a company that has a job opening, there would be a lot of applicants. Just because you have a diploma doesn’t mean you’ll get accepted right away with high salary offer. Dude, there are exams first. Once you pass them, you should worry next for the initial interview. Then the final interview. And I tell you this, someone so intelligent can be rejected during the interview. Because fuck everything, companies are looking for this “people skills” and they will also assess you during the interview,  of course.

There’s a lot to worry. I have many more to say about my experience but I think that’s not important for this entry.

So yeah, you gotta pass the exams first, then the interviews. Plus, luck is also a factor here. It also usual for applicants with personal relationship or “ties” with someone important inside the company to get accepted right away or easily.

The lesson is, don’t get your hopes high.