Break from mainstream

A lot of things are getting mainstream today.

Be it games, fashion, anime, movie, etc.

Even though everyone is watching or playing or cosplaying it, it’s not enough reason for me to chase the same thing. Just because it’s a fad doesn’t mean we should follow it.

I admit I want to do a lot of things, like cosplay a character.

But the thing is, I have more important stuffs to do. Priorities dude.

Most of the tings getting mainstream, I’m not really interested on them.

I’m not a lemming who just follows the crowd.

I often oppose the trend.

I would like to be different.

Besides, I don’t like expectations.

Most people might oppose on this idea of mine.

Welp. We need Lemmings in order to have Peculiar beings just like there is an ignorant to define a genius. lol


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