We’re gonna cosplay KONOSUBA!!!


I  am not yet done with watching Konosuba because I was busy with my thesis and internship (and guys! I passed the thesis defense! :D), BUT, I found people who would like to cosplay K-O-N-O-S-U-B-A :3

I was checking my groups in Facebook when I found a man looking for people to cosplay with him on Cosmania (this coming October). He was alone. For a few days, I ignored his post but later on, I realized that I want to try to cosplay with a group again and perhaps, it’s time to meet new people (since my companions years ago are gone now, meaning, I was left behind because I didn’t mingle much due to school).

We were able to complete the squad! We have Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness~



and of course, I chose to be Megumin. Ufufufufu~

So there, I plan to post here in my blog my adventure towards completing my cosplay 🙂

From buying the materials for the clothes to sewing the costume and crafting the weapon.

I hope you guys watch out for it.

Imma also post some vids in our Youtube channel =u=

So please follow us XD

Our YouTube Channel


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