Help me choose a Grimgar cosplay!

Because I can’t decide which one, please give me your suggestions XD


I will be graduating from college soon but there’s some problem :v

I’m done with thesis. I’m done with OJT.


I have some requirements that I cannot get yet! =__=”

My certificate of completion for my internship (OJT) is still on hold because the highest manager would not want to give it out yet =3= He said we should finish the inventory system first. He already signed it but EHHHHHH. I hope he give it to us soon or else, my graduation will be affected. *whispers* I am not yet finished with my required hours but my supervisor is fine with it since the reason for my absences is my thesis and he’s satisfied with our works.

Another thing, there’s this “request for evaluation of record” thingy that I found out just a few days ago. The registrar said I should have done that one semester earlier =3= What could I do? I’m so hikikomori that the news didn’t reach me.


I dunno what to do so I’ll just rest.

The problem will fix itself.

I am still busy with my school documents. *sighs*

We’re gonna cosplay KONOSUBA!!!


I  am not yet done with watching Konosuba because I was busy with my thesis and internship (and guys! I passed the thesis defense! :D), BUT, I found people who would like to cosplay K-O-N-O-S-U-B-A :3

I was checking my groups in Facebook when I found a man looking for people to cosplay with him on Cosmania (this coming October). He was alone. For a few days, I ignored his post but later on, I realized that I want to try to cosplay with a group again and perhaps, it’s time to meet new people (since my companions years ago are gone now, meaning, I was left behind because I didn’t mingle much due to school).

We were able to complete the squad! We have Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness~



and of course, I chose to be Megumin. Ufufufufu~

So there, I plan to post here in my blog my adventure towards completing my cosplay 🙂

From buying the materials for the clothes to sewing the costume and crafting the weapon.

I hope you guys watch out for it.

Imma also post some vids in our Youtube channel =u=

So please follow us XD

Our YouTube Channel

Retro Pokémon stamps with sound effects released for instant messaging app Line!

Go back in time with these cool retro Pokémon stamps now available for Line. Never mind catching Pokémon on the augmented reality Pokémon Go game, now you can catch (well, technically buy) your own retro Pokémon stamps for instant messaging app Line. These 8-bit graphic stamps come complete with old-school sound effects, so you can really feel as if you’re…

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An entity was fooling with me.

A few days ago at my workplace, I went in the restroom before going out to buy coffee.

There are 3 cubicles and their doors are all widely open.

I was facing the mirror, fixing my hair, when suddenly I saw a white figure move inside one of the cubicles, the one nearest to the door.

kinda shocked, I immediately turned to that cubicle. It’s not there.


I looked at the mirror again, there was nothing.

I was annoyed at that entity.

I continued fixing my hair despite being alone.

before going out, I paused at the cubicle where I saw the white figure. It’s not there but still, I did this:

*middle finger*


It just reminds me of a certain character in Corpse party