Perfect face for COSPLAY?

Today, I was browsing my Facebook account when I stumbled upon one post:


A bunch of people, cosplayers and non-cosplayers, have reacted negatively to this post of Best of Anime (BOA).

Here’s a sample:


I am not destroying BOA’s reputation (I have attended some of their events and I enjoyed) by spreading this post, I am just sharing the news and I will give my view and speculations about it.

NOTE: This is just my opinion. I might be sarcastic, but I’m just being real :v

First, the no. 1 qualification: FEMALE

  • Perhaps they have chosen female over male because females are more into cosmetics. But as what the people have commented on the post, “Why female only? There are male cosplayers!”
  • Why is that? Because dude, females attract more audience than males do! Take note that between boys and girls, which one would pursue the opposite sex? It’s the boys!
  • Therefore, if the model is female, ohohoho~ They’ll get a lot of audience. Plus, males are into beautiful and sexy women. In cosplay events, which of the male and female get flocked by people and photographers? IT’S THE WOMEN.

Second, the no. 2 qualification: CHINESE/JAPANESE-LOOKING

  • “OH MY GOD!” is probably what people are thinking right now on that one. People with no Chinese or Japanese blood, you’re out.
  • We are in Philippines, and you want Chinese/Japanese looking models? “First blood!”
  • Looking back to Philippines’ history, during the ancient times, we have been trading with the Chinese people already and they have become part of the Filipino genes (a lot of Filipinos have Chinese roots). We were also invaded by Japan which gives some of us Japanese genes. But heck! That’s too much to wish. The only people that will qualify on that one would be those kids who have pure Chinese/Japanese parents :v
  • In the population of Filipino cosplayers, I am sure that people who look like Chinese/Japanese would be hard to find. Their population is too low. Maybe 1-5% :v
  • I’m out already because I don’t look Chinese/Japanese
  • Isn’t the purpose of the make-up tutorial is for us to look like an anime? So if you use such model, it defeats the purpose. lol


  • I am not sure if mine is Square or Diamond or Oblong.
  • Maybe the chose that face shape because it will look good with any styles (what style? I don’t know.)
  • Perhaps they think that anime characters have diamond shaped faces :v
  • I can’t distinguish face shapes so I cannot comment on this one.


  • “ACE!”
  • No girl would ever, EVER, shave her eyebrows!
  • We’re not in the era of Mona Lisa wherein absence of eyebrows is beauty. We’re in the era wherein girls shape their eyebrows perfectly and even use stuffs to make it look beautiful.
  • They want to make a cosplay tutorial right? Why not just use cosmetics or whatever is necessary to hide the eyebrows and make it look thin? :v
  • I can’t imagine myself without my eyebrows. Eery.


  • I don’t fucking know what that is. But I asked Google. And I was like: “wtf”.
  • I have double eyelids but I am not sure if they are thin or thick. But the point is, they are looking for Chinese/Japanese-looking female with double eyelids? Isn’t that contradicting? Because such people normally have no double eyelids! I have friends whose eyes are slanted and they definitely do not have double eyelids.
  • Why not just use this product:
  • eyelid
  • That’s what my friend use because she has no double eyelids :v You glue that to your eyelid to make another eyelid.


  • I can understand why would they search for a woman used to wearing make-up. One possible reason is that some people might be allergic to cosmetic products (like me) and if ever they experience allergic reactions, BOA might be held liable.
  • Another reason is so that the model can carry the look comfortably and can present herself well.
  • Plus, she can retouch herself.


  • Anime characters usually are white-skinned. And make-up will look good with white people.
  • The problem is, Filipinos are tanned in nature. I used to be white, but I am too lazy to maintain my skin so I am currently tanned. And most of us are brown-skinned due to genes.
  • Why no just make a tanned girl look white? That’s the real make-up tutorial :v


So….people claim that BOA is discriminating.

As for me, it’s all about marketing. They chose the best-looking so as to boost marketing.

And another reason would be: They don’t know the real definition of Cosplay Make-up Tutorial.

Plus, it would be easier to get someone pretty than get someone not pretty and make her look pretty.

They didn’t put the qualifications that I think are the most important:

  • Must be a cosplayer.
  • Must be an anime otaku.
  • Must know the character to be portrayed by heart.


Well, what do you think? This issue is happening in Philippines but I bet cosplayers around the world can relate. And even the non-cosplayers.



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