I don’t want to be an employee!

It’s Friday today. I’m supposed to be in my OJT or Internship but I am here, customizing my blog.

I told my manager that I will do my thesis today so I cannot go to work.

The truth is, I’ve been doing my thesis for the past nights. After work, I go to school to meet with my groupmates and do our thesis. Meeting with our adviser is usually 6 or 7pm and it usually takes an hour. Then, we will go to a café and discuss what to do. It ends usually by 9 to 10pm. My work and school are far from my home. Riding a motor bike with my father, it will take us almost 2 hours to get home, with the traffic jam time included. So, we arrive at home by 11pm to 12am.

We’ve been meeting for a few nights now so I am really lacking in sleep. My work starts at 7am so I must leave from our house by 5am.

My head feels like floating in the air now and I don’t want to end up sleeping at work then get caught by the superiors and explain why I am asleep and possibly be removed from the company.

I need to rest.

That’s one factor why I don’t want to be an employee. You are bound by the company’s demands. You need to go out and arrive at the workplace on time. Spend 9-10 hours a day working. At work, you can’t sleep or rest. You can’t do what you want. You commute with other people, public vehicles are loaded, and you get tired. You spend the whole day there. When you go home, you will have no time for other stuffs unless you are willing to sacrifice your sleep. And I can’t because I’m anemic.

I’ll just discuss this further next time. I wanna sleep.




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